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Cornerstone is a wonderful community located in the beautiful city of Lynchburg, Virginia. Cornerstone offers a wide variety of luxurious housing options, a commercial center, and tons of wonderful amenities.

Cornerstone is a traditional neighborhood development (“TND”) that blends the characteristics of both historic and modern design concepts. The development is a planned community that features beautiful architecture, pedestrian friendly sidewalk connectivity, well-lit roadways and walkways, ample landscaping, and stunning mountain views. Cornerstone is a unique and convenient place to live, shop, eat, and work.

In the residential areas, Cornerstone encourages neighborhood togetherness by offering many great community amenities, including a swimming pool facility, large parks, play areas, and so much more. Some of the many community offerings are discussed in more detail on the following pages linked below.

All of Cornerstone is connected through a state-of-the-art fiber optic backbone powered by Lumos Networks that brings fiber to each and every resident. If you want the fastest internet, the best quality high-definition picture, and crystal clear phone service, then Cornerstone is the place for you!

Cornerstone takes all these great attractions and couples them with a convenient location on Greenview Drive that is close to the area’s best shopping and dining locations. So, whether it’s a place to live, shop, eat, or work, Cornerstone has the very best to offer!

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